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Following Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God, we welcome and affirm each person as a child of God, and recognize that we are called to be like one body with many members, seeking with others of every race, ethnicity, creed, biblical or theological perspective, political stance or ideology, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, and physical or mental ability to journey together toward the promised realm of God. We extend this welcome and affirmation to first-time visitors as well as long-time attenders


Here in Bethany, where paths cross and journeys begin, we rejoice in God's love and grace and our belief in Jesus Christ. We celebrate the diversity of God's creation as a gift to the human family, and open our celebrations, sacraments, ministry, and membership to all people. We commit to sensitizing ourselves especially to the life experiences and needs of those rejected by the wider community. With joy, we affirm that everyone is a child of God!


Putting in simply, we serve a merciful God. We do this through worship, mission projects, fellowship, and outreach. We seek to be a diversified congregation, and we welcome each of you to get involved in whatever way you feel most comfortable. We welcome your ideas, your talents, and your presence.  Bethany Memorial Church is an open and

affirming congregation.


We are all members of the community of God as well as the Disciples of Christ faith. 

It is our strong belief that God made each of us in God’s own image - male to female, gay to straight, rich to poor, young to old – each of us, every one, beloved in God’s eyes. With all our differences in age, ability and physical condition, in race, cultural background and economic status, in sexual orientation, gender identity and family structure, God receives each one with loving kindness and joy.  We are one community.

Meet The Team

Erin James-Brown_edited.jpg

 Rev. Erin James-Brown



Connie McVicar

Church Administrator


Deborah Rockhold


Vicki Ne Castro 2.jpg

Vicki NeCastro

Organist / Pianist

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